About Inomera Research
Inomera Research was founded in 2008 in order to provide services to Telco, E-Commerce and Retail industries. In the early days of its foundation, our team worked on Telecom Service Delivery Platform (SDP) projects and Inomera SDP is still in use by some telcos such as Avea. With the invention of Smart phones, Inomera specialized on delivering smart phone specific projects and started specializing on mobile app engagement. This development led to the launch of the Netmera platform, which is used by many companies which put mobile as their priority. as their main targeting and push notification platform. Inomera has been working to improve the digital channels and processes that touch consumers of Inomera customers, and transform them into digital tools and solutions since then.
With more than 100 Telecom, Mobile, E-Commerce, M-Commerce and Omni-Channel projects, Inomera provides services to many corporate companies such as Vodafone,Turkcell, Samsung, Starbucks, Lacoste, Bloomberg, Yell, Türk Telekom, Migros, LC Waikiki, N11 and Morhipo. Inomera also works on Omni-channel projects for retailers and E & M commerce projects since 2009 for largest retailers.
Located at the R&D center at Bogazici University Technology Park, Inomera develops its own products and solutions with more than 30 engineers.
Aa a result of R&D works carried out with the mobile transformation of the consumer, Inomera developed “Netmera Mobile Engagement Platform”. In addition to Turkey, Netmera Platform offers services to a total of 50 million mobile applications with 150 million users in Europe, Middle East and North Africa.
Inomera collaborated with SAP in 2016 in order to bring its knowledge gained in e-commerce to a wider customer base and became the sales, consulting, development and support partner for SAP Hybris product.In addition to Istanbul office, Inomera continues to support its customers’ mobile and omni channel projects at London and Dubai offices in an expanding geography.

Company details

Website : www.inomera.com  


Company type: R&D

Size: 30+

SAP Hybris Silver partner, Java Technologies, Omni Channel retail, mobile apps, Engagement